What to plant? 

As we transition from our endless spring into summer, the garden is a wonderful place to spend a few hours clearing your head, enjoying the sun and listening to the birds.  I would strongly encourage everyone to get out and pitch in.
With our warming weather, everything is going to start growing in earnest.  Get those tomatoes, squash, beans, melons, cucumbers, corn, basil, herbs while they still have a chance to get nice roots going before the summer heat hits.



We have wonderful new signs made by Dianne and Grant so it should be clear where to dump your weeds and greens. 
The compost bin nearest the water tank is starting to lean a bit too much so it will need to be rebuilt.  In order to do so we need to clear out the two lowest bins which are filled with wonderfully nutritious compost.  Spreading a thin layer of this around your newly planted plants or working a bit into the soil before you plant works wonders.


Water Tank

Sara P has once again provided us with a custom fitted water tank cover.  This is a key piece of a healthy and functional garden because it greatly reduces temp of the water and subsequently the amount of algae growth in the tank, which can clog up the pipes. With the warming temps, we’re going to be using much more water so please remember to check the tank when you first arrive and fill it as needed.

To do list for this time of the year

  1. Remove compost from ‘water tank bins’ and use to grow healthy plants
  2. Weeding
    Below is a list of areas that need usually weeding:
  • Old asparagus patch and pathways 
  • Community beds
  • Strawberry and raspberry beds

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